Tuesday, March 23, 2010

OMG!! Imagine life without Google!!!

Except you’re like me who most times lives inside my own little bubble, you must have heard by now about the ongoing censorship crisis going on between Internet giant, Google and the Chinese Government.

Basically, China doesn’t want their citizens exposed to certain information as provided by sites like YouTube, Twitter and even Facebook.

Until recently, Google had been operating in China under censorship policies enforced by means of filters known as (not too surprisingly) The Great Firewall of China.

Google has now decided to stop complying with those censorship laws by redirecting users to its Google Hong-Kong service which as you might have guessed, is free, uncensored browsing for ALL.

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The Chinese Government as you can imagine is furious. Now their citizens are going to be corrupted by the rest of us polluted Internet World users!!

It’s very easy to point out who the bad guy is in this whole saga. Our Westernised and Hollywood reformed brains immediately wince at such a blatant abuse of all the Information rights we have ever been told existed.

However, one stubbornly rebellious little thought has refused to leave my head even after hitting my head repeatedly on the wall to get rid of it.

Does the Chinese government know something the rest of us are totally oblivious to?

As in really, imagine a life without Google. I can’t even think about it!! What would I do without Google??

I meet a new guy, I Google him!! I want to stalk an Ex, I Google him!! I don’t know the meaning of a word, I Google it!!

I recently heard someone say that the world has become more stupid because we simply Google everything!!

Is China just trying to protect its highly productive citizens (who have been able to build the 3rd largest economy in the world without YouTube, Twitter and with a censored Google) from joining the Stupid bandwagon?

Gosh I even had to Google that particular statistic!!


  1. Could the fact that China "sensors" their information be the reason why they are the 3rd largest, and not the largest economy in the world??

    A more reasonable approach is to allow access to as much information as possible. At the same time, incorporating the ability to filter good information from bad. This way China (or any other country) cannot be blamed for its citizens ignorance.

  2. Am Totally Googlized, Life without Google? Hell No! The China Government should give their people a choice, life is about choices to Google or not to google. As for me , Myself and I........ Its Google all the way! Nice Article babes

  3. @Nuke: Nigeria who has very large Facebook, Twitter and other social network populations and unhindered access to Google....pls what is our ranking on the World Economic Order??!

    @Anonymous: Lol @ 'life is about choices to Google or not to google.'...and thanks.