Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TARIERE Member of the Week

TARIERE is blessed with really great members!! These people (both visible & invisible) support TARIERE in many, many different ways and provide a lot of the inspiration for TARIERE posts.

I want you to meet them and get to know them because trust me; they are a truly amazing group of people!!

The pioneer TARIERE Member of the Week is a beautiful lady called Mukuoso Eddie-Obiakor.

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Mukkee as she is fondly called by….errr…everyone, is a Marketing & Public Relations genius with what can only be termed a Midas touch. She is currently doing her magic as a Marketing Executive at Smooth 98.1 FM, Nigeria’s pioneer Adult Contemporary Radio Station.

I’m probably the only one who knows this about her, but Mukkee is also the brain behind a breakthrough discovery. It is her who has propounded a groundbreaking theory about the possible connection between…get this….CELLULITE & SINGLEDOM!!!

The theory simply states that a mass of Cellulite or any Cellulite at all on a girl’s body is as a result of her being Single.

After numerous efforts by Skin Practitioners to ascertain the cause of Cellulite, Mukkee has finally done it!! Heads up Single ladies!!

I am a living witness to the fact that this Revolutionary discovery is her brainchild, so if you hear it on CNN, Oprah or even Jerry Springer , no matter who is claiming it, know that this is Mukkee’s Discovery!!

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She is a fun, caring, and no-nonsense friend with a great sense of humor…..lurve her!!

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